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  12. 渐进 (climax)

   Today, I want to talk about the friendship. everyone has many friends.We meet many people by the daily work or life. If often keeping touch or having the same interest, they may become the friends, and set up a friendship. Friendship could make people happy and helpful. So, most of people hope they have many friends from every walk of life. Do you think so?

I started Realplayer 10 approximately ninety minutes ago, and in about 600 seconds I closed the door of the study and felt stuck at the screen, totally paralyzed, my extremities, I mean.


      I would like to meet different people. I can get more new knowledge by their help. If one person may hope to become other people's familiar, he should a pleasant man, often using the smile, the love, and the warmth with pleasure. Furthermore, he is a man who like to communicate with others. I find many friends are such a person, such as Patrick, Angela, Jack,  Emily and Luke. l love you! God wish you happy everyday! l'm glad to know you by TMC. the  friendship will be getting better and better.

It is funny that this so-called science-fiction movie cost only some ten thousand dollars by which our Optimus Prime can’t even initiate his transformation. However, when observing these ologists sitting around and chatting (a black man is included and said “man” eventually, indeed), my heart trembled, my hands shook, my pupil dilated and my mind soared.

  I came; I saw; I conquer. 小编来了;小编看来了;笔者克制。

  As the growth of the age, I will pay more and more attention to the emotions of the classmate, the colleague and the family and the friendship for the common hobby. Friendship are so precious. It' worthy my memory for a lifetime.

You may want to ask: Yo what’s new there? And I’m afraid my answer may be kind of frustrating: an old man, a very old man, a super old man. I know, in most if the cases these people are hundreds years old (pretty old uh) and are freaks, weirdos and nuts but possessing certain powers and unique abilities, that also give CG a chance to jump in. Well, relax, you won’t find these in the man from earth, in fact, all you will see is a 35-year-old looking man who has actually lived for 14,000 years on our planet, and the coolest part is that he is ordinary in every aspect expect that he stops aging.

  Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man. 读书使人充实;交谈使人敏感;写作使人规范。

Ok, I don’t want to spoil the potential enjoyment you may experience when watching this movie, therefore, I will skip the storyline and go down to details.

  Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested. 书有可浅尝者,有可吞咽者,更有少数须消食咀嚼者。

This is a short movie, only eighty minutes. Yet, when you’re watching, you feel like eternity once you dive into that little cottage and join those extraordinary minds, maybe some of the most talents mankind have to offer right now. The stream of external time slows down and your brain stagnates due to overloading. Don’t worry, that’s pleasant.

  Lincoln recognized worth in the common people; he loved the common people; he fought for the common people; and he died for the common people. Lincoln认知到全体公民大众的市场股票总值;他爱怜人民大众;他为人民大众而奋斗;他为国民大众而投身。

Like I’ve mentioned, the movie cost only 10,000 dollars, therefore, the cast is certainly shabby in term of money: eight people participated in the seminar, only one did I recognize: the old Christian lady, she played as a nurse in Grey’s Anatomy. But you will envy how many talented actors they’ve got in Hollywood: maybe it’s the plot, maybe it’s the director, but comparing to these eight people, Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13 look like just a bunch of teenagers showing their muscles.

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Anthropologist, archaeologist, Christian literalist, psychologist and biologist, there would be much more fun if you happen to have some knowledge in common with some of these people ‘cause that’s when you’ll be dragged beside the fireplace and into the conversation. I have some sense that something more profound is there, between the five men and three women, I just haven’t realized, yet.

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Continue with the previous paragraph, those five ologists have said tons of cool sentences, right now I can’t recall any since there’re too many and they’re equally good, but it also makes it worthy to watch all over again and again, in fact, I have just finished a second time before I start the last sentence.


There’s something you probably won’t notice when watching: the background music, when the movie is over you can hardly recall any melody, but here’s the truth: the background music of the man from earth is enchanting. The reason you don’t notice is that all the music are subtly and delicately merged into the plot, you don’t feel it, but when you watch it for a second or third time you will find out how those tunes affect your emotion and build up the atmosphere. Unlike some background music grandmasters’ ear-catching rhythms, Mark Hinton Stewart’s music serves the movie in a humble but effective way.

In the end, the end, many express their dissatisfaction toward the ending of this fantastic story. I don’t know, but I was the director I won’t lock down the identity of the protagonist by killing one of the main characters: whether our John is really 14,000 years old or just some sort of a maniac is the last thing I care about. Like what he has said during the discussion, I prefer it ends saying “who do you think I am? I give you a choice.”

And mentioning the little romance, I’d say that the only way to get a sane and well-educated person to believe some 14,000-year-old bullshit in just half a day: if we’re in love, we do this kind of stupid things all the time. What is really hilarious is that being stupid is one of the essential symptoms of a common medical condition usually known as “falling in love”, some literature show.

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